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Current Location


8 months


Jindo Mix

25 lbs

South Korea

Toronto or Ottawa

I am Audrey, an 8 month old Jindo mix that weighs 25 lbs (10 kg). I was rescued by the amazing folks at Welcome Dog Korea after my mother gave birth in May in a rural area at which there were heavy machines all around. It was a dangerous place for us - me and 4 other siblings.

As I have been raised at the Welcome Dog Korea shelter since I was 50 days old, I have been socialized well. I love people's attention. Even if I can be a bit shy towards strangers, I'll open up quickly with treats.

With other dogs, I squabble with my siblings sometimes, but I don't mind sharing space with other dogs. I can also share food with other dogs. I focus more on the people nearby than the dogs, though.

As I am still a young puppy, I am getting leash training. As I like people a lot, I currently follow people, but it is not following the leash technically. If I get scared, and stop moving forward, I can either be coaxed or picked up. I have not shown any aggression, no resource guarding, no signs of separation anxiety and rarely bark. I am also comfortable in a kennel.

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* Audrey is spayed. All vaccinations are updated.
* She was rescued from South Korea. She will fly to Toronto in January or February.
* The adoption fee for Audrey is $840.

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