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Current Location


8 years


Mixed Breed (Medium) Mix

26 kg (57 lbs)

South Korea

Toronto, Vancouver, Ottawa

Baechu/8 years old/ Male/ Poungsan mix breed/ Loves Humans/Brave and Loyal/ From South Korea

Meet Baechu!! Baechu is the definition of a people dog. He loves all humans and is eager to make new friends with everyone. According to his fosters, he loves being close to his people- not interested in any other dogs, loves food and toys, and even stays calm during the bath and grooming. The best thing about him is that he becomes a Brave Boy at the vet! Baechu gets hot easily so he likes to lay down in shaded places to cool him down and loves icy water. Baechu is working hard to be the best dog he can, and looking for a committed and loving family to lead the way!

Baechu was found in 2015 where he was tied up, skin inflamed and covered with maggots. Even Though he was abandoned by humans, he was wagging his happy tail to greet people and welcome the rescuers. This loving boy stayed in a Shelter in Suncheon, South Korea from 2015 to 2021 and waited to get adopted in South Korea. Unfortunately, he was not able to find his forever home in South Korea, and in November of 2021, the rescuer asked WDK(Welcome Dog Korea) to help Baechu with international adoption. Since April of 2022, Baechu has been staying in a foster home and getting ready for international adoption.

With other Dogs, Baechu was comfortable sharing spaces. When he was in a shelter with other dogs, he was not too excited about meeting new friends. He would gently say hi and slowly introduce himself, but he would not likely play and wrestle with other dogs.

Baechu has a moderate energy level and he enjoys outdoor walking. He follows the handler pretty well. He does not pull or get too excited when he walks. At home, he is more chill and calm. In his foster home, he was curious about everything and was more active than we all thought. When he was left alone at the foster home at the beginning, he started to bark. It might be the outdoor noises that he felt uncomfortable with or since he was left alone for a long time, he might feel a bit lonely at home. This barking would disappear when he gets comfortable at home and noises around him. Also, when he was with the foster family, he was less likely to bark. Baechu would do best at home with at least one family member home most of the time. He is not comfortable being left alone yet for long periods of time. He is smart and trainable so with consistency and positive exposure he will likely do well.

Baechu gets too excited and chases when he sees a cat.. Also, he is a bit protective of his food and toys. It would be better if there are no Kids at the house, just in case he overprotects his favorite things and avoids any incidents. Do not disturb him when he is eating or playing with his favorite toys.
Currently, Baechu goes potty both indoors and outdoor. If he set his regular outdoor walking routine, he would likely change to outdoor potty only.

*To see more videos, please check this link :

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*In 2015, he was heartworm positive but after immediate treatment he got negative right away.
*His teeth got professionally cleaned on 2022-03-26
*Got Rabies shots on 2021-11-01, canine influenza vaccine on 2021-11-14

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