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Current Location


5 Years



40 lbs

South Korea


Beethoven was rescued right before the moment of being sold to a dog meat dealer in South Korea. His previous owner was going to sell him for human consumption, saying he was too old to care for Beethoven. We jumped in and brought him to our shelter. Before rescued, he was tied up on a chain all day outside and had little human interaction. But when we went to see him, he welcomed us a lot with wagging tails.

Beethoven is lovely, highly energetic, friendly, and affectionate. He enjoys receiving pets and attention. Beethoven does not shy towards strangers and loves being with people and ready to be loved. 

With other dogs, Beethoven is very friendly and well mannered. Beethoven can easily get along with new furry friends. When he found a dog unfriendly or barking at him, he backed off. What a good boy! But due to lack of experience, he doesn't know how to play with other dogs yet. He will learn it.

When Beethoven was introduced to a cat, he seemed to show interest. He tried to reach the cat while under control. During walks, when he sees a cat, he might chase the cat. He might act differently towards cats indoors, but it may require more efforts.

During the walk, he gets excited a bit and sometimes pulls on the leash, but he does not mind the leash on. Beethoven is very calm and not afraid of loud noises such as cars or busy streets. 

Beethoven has a good appetite and loves eating. But this good boy doesn't resource guard treats towards people. But he may start swallowing treats rapidly if he feels it will be taken from him as he wants treats so bad!

Beethoven hasn't shown any separation anxiety since he came to us but he tends to bark sometimes when he wants to go outside, but this barking may disappear when he lives in a home with a loving family.

Since he loves to play with people, we are looking for a family who will give unconditional love and attention to Beethoven.

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**Beethoven is neutered. All vaccinations are updated.

**He was tested negative for heartworm/tick related diseases.

**He was shaved as his hair was too tangled. During the shave, we found a benign lipoma on his front right leg. This will be removed.

**The adoption fee for Beethoven is $750. (There will be extra $60~70 at the airport when pick up.)

**He is curretnly in South Korea and is scheduled to fly to Toronto in November.

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