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Current Location


2 Yrs


Jindo Mix

14 kg (31 lbs)

South Korea


Burrito was found in the Chungju city, South Korea shelter.

This gal is such a sweetie-pie filled with kindness and love. She always has a smiley face that makes people happier. Also, known as a fun-loving social butterfly who can make friends with anyone. Even with strangers, Burrito can be touched, comfortable meeting and being around a variety of people. She is well socialized with both people and dogs.  

With other dogs, she introduced herself with friendly gestures and wagging tails. When other dogs get over-excited and want to play with Burrito, she backs off first and gently gets along with them. Also, with a cranky little dog who growled at her while Buritto just wanted to say Hi, Burrito immediately backed off. She wanted to introduce herself slowly to the cranky dog again, but when she realized that the dog is uncomfortable, she backed off with a sad tail. She is super friendly and gentle to any other dogs and less likely to make trouble when meeting new friends. 

When meeting a cat, Burrito was very excited. She wanted to play with the cat. She might chase a cat if she is uncontrolled. 

Burrito does not pull or get over-excited when she walks on a leash. She follows the handler pretty well and does not mind loud and busy noises. 

She loves food, especially her dry food (kibble) versus raw diet. But she has no food aggression and can be touched while eating. 

Her favorite things to do are playing with other dogs, going for a walk, sitting alongside her buds, and soaking up all the love and affection.

Everyone said it is lucky to have her as a family because she is ready to burst into your life, tail wagging and paws flailing, and love you forever.

* Burrito is spayed. All vaccinations are updated.
* Burrito is currently in South Korea. She will fly to Toronto in February.
* The adoption fee for Burrito is $750.

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