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4 Years



18 kg (39 lb)


Chloe was rescued from an illegal puppy mill in Goyang-si, South Korea in May 2020, by the Korean Animal Welfare Association (KAWA). Chloe was used as a breeding dog living on a filthy cage with a floating floor. 

In May 2020, KAWA reported the illegal puppy mill to the Goyang-si city government. They also started posting on social media to bring this puppy mill to light. Since then, many people helped to report it to the government and drew active measures from the city. Here is the article about the whole story (in Korean):

In spited of the horrible memories of where she from, Chloe is such an ANGEL who LOVES people. It does not take a long time for her to show her belly. She will run to you with a beautiful smiley face to be pet. She is super friendly to small children as well.

Chloe is friendly toward furry friends too. With other dogs-big or small, she wags her tail wanting to play. And she tends to be polite. With cats, she does not seem interested. She would smell them but Chloe is more interested in ‘People’. Chloe will be very fine with becoming family with cats.

Although she loves food, you can take the food away from her mouth. She is trained to wait and sit in front of food.

Her energy level is normal. She prefers to pee/poop outside. She will love to join you with any activity as far as she can be with a HUMAN!

Separation anxiety could be an issue in that Chloe loves people. It is recommended to set disciplines to prevent it.

Chloe is spayed. And all vaccinations updated.

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