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Current Location


2 Years


Jindo Mix

11 kg

South Korea


Eva is a lovely dog and loves meeting people. She greets and kisses people even for the first time. She is such an adorable child that she will greet waggling a tail when she meets a larger, unfamiliar dog. She politely retreats behind to avoid a dog or cat that is growling at her, and then signals barking, as if she suffers unfairness, why they are so savage. However, she still wags her tail till the end, keeps the distance, and doesn't show any aggressiveness at all.

Although she walks out stably with no objection to the leash, yet off-leash is not recommended until a bond with new owner is fully formed. She has a voracious appetite, but she knows that food comes from people and allows body touch while eating. She has the maturity to quietly endure medical examinations. As she has no separation anxiety and has already completed the kennel training, it is now her turn to set off to pass on the love to new fur-ever home.

She was at risk of euthanasia because no owner or adopter appeared for 10 days after being caught as an abandoned dog by a city shelter in Korea, but was rescued by Welcome Dog Korea. Currently, she is in a very healthy condition, except that she is being treated for heartworm.

** Eva is spayed. All vaccinations are updated.

** The adoption fee for Ave is $750. (There will be extra $60 at the airport when pick up.)

** She is currently in South Korea and is scheduled to fly to Vancouver in November.

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