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Current Location


2 Years


Jindo Mix

9 kg (20 lbs)

South Korea


Gaji was rescued from a city pound in Masan, South Korea.

Gaji may seem slightly shy and fearful girl, but she will allow pettings from strangers and even take treats from them. Sudden approach and movement may startle her, but calm approach and touches will be allowed. Even when she is startled and fearful, she does not resort to any aggressions.

With other dogs, Gaji will hang out and play quite well with acquainted dogs. During first encounters, Gaji will be very cautious and will very passively wait for opportunity to sniff the other dog. After few encounters, Gaji will open up and play quite happily.

When Gaji is met with unfriendly dog, she will immediately avoid eye contact and try to evade in fear. Gaji is unlikely to cause trouble with other dogs.

With cats, because Gaji is naturally very timid, Gaji will resist approaching the cat. She is unlikely to cause trouble with cats or small animals.

During walks, Gaji does not have any excitement, but she may at times get startled by loud noises or sudden movement. However, Gaji seems to adapt more and more as she takes more walks. She seems to become less fearful after every walks.

We do not recommend off-leash, until Gaji has built enough trust. Because she is timid and fearful girl, there is possibility of losing her during her first few days. Gaji is very obedient girl, so she can be let loose in secure environment.

Gaji has good appetite. She can have her food taken away or be petted while eating.

Gaji is comfortable with kennels but drools a bit during drives.

**Gaji is spayed. All vaccinations are updated.

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