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Current Location


1 Year


Beagle Mix

21 lbs. (9.5 kg)

South Korea


Ginger was found in the Chungju city shelter. They said she was wearing a red collar when she arrived. It was assumed that she was abandoned. 

Ginger is super friendly and energetic. She shows her belly even to strangers! She loves to be pet and snuggle.

When Ginger meets other furry friends, she wags her tail but still tries to be careful. When she met an unfriendly little dog, she backed off. But she never shows any aggression.

When meeting a cat, Ginger was very excited. She wanted to play with the cat. Although it was not an aggressive gesture, it could make some cats uncomfortable. (If you are a cat owner, please keep this in mind.)

Ginger LOVES food. If you try to take the food away from her mouth, she will try not to let you. But she still does not show any aggression. You can touch her when she has food in her mouth without any problem.

Ginger can get motion sickness when riding. It is recommended to let not feed her before you take her in the car.

Ginger is leash-trained. She has a high energy level. She loves to be around people. She will love to go anywhere with you. She can be your best jogging pal!

**Ginger is spayed. All vaccinations are updated.

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