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Current Location


1 Year


Jindo Mix

14 kg (30 lbs)

South Korea

Toronto, ON

Hope was found in a city shelter in Gwangmyung-si, South Korea. The shelter gave her two weeks to be rescued. Otherwise, she could have been on the list of euthanasia. It is very lucky for the rescue team to have found her. We believe that if we didn’t find her, she could have followed someone with harmful intentions because she was friendly to everybody.

Hope LOVES people and other dogs. The size does not matter for her. She is fine with kids and adults, big or small dogs. She shows her belly even to strangers. She loves to snuggle. When meeting other dogs, she is very active and playful. She was wagging her tail even when she met an unfriendly dog. The future adopter must be careful when she is too excited with other dogs.

When meeting a cat, Hope tries to chase it. We do NOT recommend her to a house with cats.

When she arrived to the Welcome Think Dog Centre, Hope was very thin but was not greedy for food. She is working on gaining weight. But when is taken food away, she does not show any aggression. You can touch her mouth and body when she is eating.

Hope, like her name, is a very bright girl. She walks well with her leash, but she will chase squirrels and birds. Once you earn the trust with her, it is easy to call her to come in a dog park. Since she is very friendly, it is possible that she will follow strangers. We are hoping her future family will be cautious when having outside activity. 

**Hope is spayed. All vaccinations are updated.

**The adoption fee for Hope is $840 CAD.

**Hope is currently in South Korea. The adopter will cover the additional cost of her transportation.

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