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Current Location


1 Year


Jindo Mix

11 kg (24 lbs)

South Korea


This little girl was adopted when she was only 2 months old by a dog trainer but unfortunately got abandoned. She was picked up by Welcome Dog Rescue team and currently staying in a foster home in South Korea. We could tell that she is used to living indoors most of her whole life because when we first met her, she was frightened by everything, even small movements. Luckily, after 1 month of fostering and getting house training, she got a lot better and looks way more comfortable than ever.


She is still a little shy with new people, but the food is the key to Hosoon’s heart, and it will make her open up very quickly. Once she gets familiar with new people, she shows her belly for belly rubs. One thing she does not feel comfortable with is getting lifted. 

Hosoon is friendly, gentle, and not too excited when first introduced to new doggy friends. With other dogs, Hosoon introduces herself with a wagging tail and friendly gesture. She can be friends with any dog. If she finds a friend who could wrestle with her, she will love to join and explore her energy. 

With a cat, Hosoon kept an eye on the cat with little curiosity. She is less likely to chase a cat or get too excited.

During walks, She does not pull or get overly excited when walking. Also, she follows the handler pretty well. Since she is a little sensitive and timid, she gets frightened by loud noises or sudden movement. She showed lots of improvement during the fostering but she still needs some work to do.  

She loves all kinds of foods, kibble(dry food), canned food (wet food), and treats(especially chicken neck, chicken breast jerky, or chews). However, she does not guard resources.

Since she is new to the world and slowly exploring, she needs a family who can support her to gain confidence and patience enough to train her, especially when going for a walk. Also, want a new family who can reduce the level of sensitivity in Hosoon. She has shown lots of improvement during the fostering, if she finds her forever home with loving and care, she would learn and adapt really quickly. 

* Hosoon is spayed. All vaccinations are updated.

* Hosoon is currently in South Korea. She will fly to Toronto in March.

* The adoption fee for Hosoon is $750.

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