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Current Location


6 Years


Miniature Pinscher Mix

25 lbs (11 kg)

South Korea

Toronto, Vancouver, Ottawa

Hyekyo is a six-year-old girl who was rescued from the street in South Korea. It is unknown how this sweety pie was abandoned on the street. Luckily we found her before somebody took her to trade to a dog meat farm.

Hyekyo has a medium energy level. She is shy at first. But it is very easy to get close to her with treats. She lets strangers pet her.

Hyekyo does not seem interested in other furry friends generally. However, once she got used to her foster siblings, she played with them hard! (You can see her playing in her profile video)

When walking, Hyekyo seems to follow the lead well. It looks like she does not have enough experience though. When she is nervous, she tends to stay still. Her future adopters have to train her walking skill with patience starting from a short distance around the house. Hyekyo can bark at strangers. She does demand bark when the meal time comes as well.

Hyekyo is afraid of car-riding. She prefers to be on human’s laps in the car 😉. She is crate-trained. She is potty-trained. (Of course she may have accidents in a new home in the beginning though)
When other dogs are around, Hyekyo can guard her food. (She does not do that to people.) If her future family has other furry ones, she has to be watched when eating.
Her foster mom said she wanted to be alone for her first day. But the next day she came to the foster mom. And now she follows her everywhere. Hyekyo is such a sweet heart!

* Hyekyo is spayed. All vaccinations are updated.
** The adoption fee for Hyekyo is $840.

Hyekyo’s video:

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