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Current Location


2 Years


Jindo Mix


South Korea

Jang-nara was rescued from a dog slaughterhouse in Tongyong, South Korea in 2019. The neighbors around the slaughterhouse reported animal abuse to the police and asked for help to the Korean Animal Welfare Association(KAWA). One of the neighbors provided CCTV footage showing a man beating dogs to death. The place was forced to shut down. And KAWA rescued 24 dogs from the slaughter house.

Nara has been in a Welcome Think Dog boarding center. Now she is living in a foster home to have a quick experience being in a home situation before she flies to Canada. The foster mom said she eats well and walks well. Nara gets nervous by unusual sounds if she has never experienced it before. She plays with other fur friends there. But Nara likes to follow the foster mom everywhere she goes. The forster mom said that Nara is so sweet and lovely. The future adopter will fall in love with her so quick!

Nara usually likes to play and be active. But in a certain setting, she becomes very timid. We found out it is not about being in a new environment. She does not like to get full attention from everyone in the space. When she faces someone in a one-on-one meeting in a room, she gets nervous easily. She likes to intermingle with the crowd. Once she feels comfortable, she turns into a very active girl. While she hesitates to say hello to new furry friends (she is definitely not a leader when she plays with other dogs), she plays so well with familiar faces. We think the reason why she does not like to receive full attention is because from where she was, being chosen by a butcher would have frightened her. She must feel so scared to have eye contact.

Nara does not show any aggression even though she feels nervous. She lets strangers touch her. She is okay with her food taken away from her mouth. No signs of aggression.

Nara does not look like an escape artist. But she tried to climb the chain-linked fence before.

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