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Current Location


6 years


Jindo Mix

20 kg (44 lbs)

South Korea

Toronto, Vancouver, Ottawa

My Rescue Story:

I was just a youngster, under a year old, when some volunteers from a local shelter came across me living as a stray on the streets.  Despite having been kicked and abused by some people I was still surprisingly friendly to humans, a trait that remains with me today. My rescuers took me back to their modest shelter and I have been there ever since. Sadly, they have very little financial support so the shelter doesn't even have electricity. Recently the shelter has reached out to Welcome Dog Korea for help and I now have a glimmer of hope that I will finally find a home. 

My Temperament:

I'm a dog who just loves to be petted! I'll even allow a complete stranger to pet me and in fact will lean in for more, as you can see in the video. If you bring me home you are likely to find yourself with a real cuddle-bug. 

When it comes to other dogs, I'm comfortable in their company and will often be quite playful with those I know well. When I was introduced to Cranky Little Dog I was remarkably tolerant, even when she tried to nip my face!

You'll discover that I get quite enthusiastic at the thought of dinner    - I often bark with excitement when I see the other dogs getting fed and know it's my turn next. I have shown a tendency to guard my food from the other dogs, but have no problems with humans taking away treats or my food bowl.

My energy level:

My handlers describe me as having moderate energy. I enjoy my leash walks and have bursts of energy when I'm playing with my besties (or if I see a squirrel I can chase), but can be calm and relaxed much of the time.

I get along with:

dogs: yes

cats: no - I tend to chase small animals, so it's best I don't live with cats

kids: no videos to show you, though I am definitely a people lover


-leash skills: I am used to walking on leash and am quite well mannered. I am not afraid of traffic or urban noise.

-house trained: Work in progress! Being a stray, I was never taught 'housetraining', so please be patient with me. Frequent potty breaks and positive reinforcement will help me learn.

Health Notes:

-I am spayed, vaccinated and microchipped

-I have a healed wound on my hip from where I was bitten by a dog

-my lower left fang is broken off and some of my teeth are worn down (though I have no problem eating!)

-the tip of my right ear was cut off at one point in time

Adoption Fee:

My adoption fee is $750 which includes my airfare to Toronto

Video Link:

More Pictures:

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