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Current Location


8 Month


Jindo Mix

22 lbs

South Korea


While one of the individual rescuers was feeding a stray dog in South Korea, the rescuer found out that the dog got pregnant. The dog gave birth to 7 puppies, but unfortunately Jeno was the only puppy survived.

At first Jeno seems slightly timid and shy, but he will soon allow petting from strangers and even take treats from them. Sudden approach and movement may startle him, but if you give him a space and slowly approach with patience, eventually Jeno will come first towards people. Everything is new for Jeno, he might be a little nervous at first but he has a gentle soul and he is definitely a happy-go-lucky puppy. 

When Jeno was introduced to a large dog, Jeno had no interest at first. A few minutes later, Jeno approached and slowly introduced himself. As he got comfortable with the environment, Jeno started to show excitement and wanted to play with the dog. When the large dog barked, Jeno backed off but he did not resort to any aggressions.

With a small dog, Jeno was wagging his tail and wanted to get along. But after Jeno realized the dog was unfriendly, he backed off and did not know what to do. When the cranky little dog barked at Jeno once more, he tried to keep distance and avoid the situation. 

With a cat, it seems like Jeno did not understand what was going on and did not show any interest. The only thing he was interested in was the treat that the cat was eating. Jeno will not likely chase a cat or show excitement. 

During the walk, Jeno did not show any excitement or pulling. He does not mind with the leash on but since he has lack of experience in walking with the leash, Jeno tries not to walk on new places or places that he does not feel comfortable with. However, Jeno does not mind the loud noises such as cars and busy streets. Once Jeno walks more and starts to trust you, Jeno will learn quickly and you should be able to recall him. But since Jeno loves people, try not to off-leash him if it's not a fenced area (dog park and house) until you gain trust and build a strong relationship with him. 

Jeno does not guard his food or treats. When people start touching him while he is eating the treat, he might even give up on treats and want to be petted and loved. What a sweet boy he is! 

Currently Jeno does not have any separation anxiety but since he loves people and wants to be around them all the time, try to train him how to stay alone since his affection to people may cause separation anxiety in the future. Jeno had a little bit of car sickness when he first came to the shelter. We would highly recommend not to give any food or treats right before he takes a ride. But overall, he was fine in the crate.

Jeno LOVES people and LOVES to play with other dogs, we are looking for a forever family who can give him full of love and attention. Jeno needs somebody who can teach him how to walk and help him to gain confidence in this new world. But no worries. He is learning quickly!

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**Jeno is neutered. All vaccinations are updated.

**Jeno is currently in South Korea. He will fly to Toronto in December or January.

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