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Current Location


1 Year


Jindo Mix

6.3 kg (14 lbs)

South Korea


Jiseok was rescued from a dog meat farm in South Korea where an old lady was raising many dogs for human consumption. An individual rescuer and Welcome Dog Korea Rescue decided to rescue 9 dogs and Jiseok is one of them. At first, we thought Jiseok was a puppy as he was very tiny. But it turned out that he was already over 1 year old. Obviously, he was malnourished and couldn't develop into a fully grown dog.

Jiseok is not shy at all to all humans including strangers. He likes to get attention from people. He wags his tail constantly. It's so lovely to see! He has good feelings toward other dogs. When he was introduced to a larger dog and he saw the dog, he wagged his tail. But when the dog approached, he showed some tension and tried to avoid eye contact. But he calmly waited until the dog sniffed and tried to rely on a person nearby. When he was introduced to a cranky little dog and the dog growled at him, he tried to avoid the situation. When he is with his siblings or best friends, he likes to run in the grass field and play together. It's also so lovely to see!

When he was introduced to a cat, he showed little interest in the cat. He was hesitant to approach, but slowly did for the cat's food. It seems like he is a bit afraid of cats. He might have no problem of living with cats at the same home.

He has a bit higher energy level, but during walks, he will follow the handler's lead well. He had little experience of walking on the streets as in his early life he was locked up in a wire cage all the time. But he learned it quickly. When a car passes, he tends to flinch, but he relies on the handler and will overcome it quickly.

He has good appetite. He has no resource guarding issues. Under our care, he is slowly gaining weight. Other than underweight, he is quite healthy.

*Jiseok is neutered. All vaccinations are updated.

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