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Current Location


5 Years (Adult)


Jindo Mix

30 LB


Jin was rescued from a drain ditch with his mom and other siblings. They were especially sensitive and frightened from the time of rescue. The drainage where they inhabited seemed very dangerous if there is heavy rain. Jin has not been adopted for a while. He has lived from place to place for a few years since being rescued.

Since he was always with other dogs in shelters and foster homes. he tends to adapt easily when he is with other dogs around. 

In an unfamiliar setting, Jin becomes very busy to run/search around. When he is first brought to your home, we recommend that you take him on a 'walk' inside the house and feed him. While training, we discovered that this method works most ideally for Jin. Once adapted to the environment, Jin becomes a sweet pie, obeying people near him and following them around.

Jin used to get scared of everything in the world. Trainers tried their best to expose him to a wide variety of situations, people, and objects to strengthen his social ability, but trainers are still a bit concerned about him having to adapt to a new environment once he is adopted. We would appreciate it if you could give him enough time to overcome his fear by himself.

Jin can become sensitive to sound. He is especially vulnerable to abrupt noises and vibrations. He tends to avoid the source of these sounds and hide himself from it. Trainers taught him to 'sit' when he feels this type of fear while wearing a leash, so please use this command accordingly.

In the foster home, Jin is very keen and gets startled easily by residential noises. He even startled when light is turned on/off.  He tries to be next to people or other dogs to relieve himself. When a person around him, he becomes calm. He shows a repetitive behavior—roaming around in a circle—especially when he gets nervous in the house.

Jin likes to see other dogs outside and loves to run in a dog park. He does go to say hello to new friends but eventually he prefers to play by himself or with human rather than other dogs. When a dog constantly expresses interest towards him, he could act out and 'give a warning sign.’ But still, he does not show any aggression. He showed interest in other dogs once he became fully comfortable with the setting.

Jin is not interested in a cat. He doesn’t get bothered when a cat is around. He can get frightened by the cat's aggressive behavior (hissing, kitty-punching, etc.) and tried to avoid the cat. However, he is not expected to have problems in a family with an existing cat. When he is overly excited, he requires some physical control.

Jin likes treats, but a person can take away treats from his mouth with no problem. He had no signal with food obsession. Tested treats on the floor, on hands, in the mouth, he didn't growl at anyone or anything that comes near his during feeding time.

Additional Notes:

Potty Trained: He urinates/defecated outdoor mostly.

He got dental cleaning and 5 teeth were extracted on Sep 03, 2020

Separation Anxiety - Level 5 : Shows a higher level of independence and dependence.

Demand Barking - Level 2: He rarely barks.

Isolation Disorder - Level 2: No observable problems

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