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Current Location


2 Yrs


Jindo Mix

13 kg (29 lbs)

South Korea


Hello! My name is Jinju aka Pearl in English. I used to live on the streets of a small village in South Korea where I begged for food from a junk shop. There were three other guys who were tied in short leashes. Although their junk yard was very dirty and messy, I had to be around there because it was the only place that I knew I could get something to eat. I was a puppy. I had to feed myself to grow bigger! 

One day, these people came to me and told me that the three guys would get me pregnant so I had to leave, but I refused. I tried to run away from them but they trapped me and locked me in this huge cage. I was so afraid. But you know what? Thank god it turned out they were good people! I was in a few shelters in Korea. But I have never had my own family and home. I heard if I fly 13 hours in a cage again, I could meet with my forever family!

I like any kind of human—big or small. I feel shy when I meet strangers at first. But I just need a few minutes to figure out if it is okay to open up!

I also like any kind of doggy friends! I LOVE to play and roll over with furry ones. I have met a cranky small dog. I tried to play with her but she wouldn’t let me. It was fine though. I understand not every dog will play with me. But I still wagged to her to say I did not mean to be rude. I just wanted to play…

I have met a cat in a shelter and I smelled her. I think I have met these kind of furries on the streets. But I found them not interesting. I could live with them not bothering them.

Although it hasn’t been a long time since I used a leash and walked with a human, I think I am quite good at it. I realized the world is a lot bigger than I thought, and I feel scared sometimes while walking. But I am learning and getting used to things so quick!

When called, I love to run to you. But I also like to play a game of tag with people. If you don’t want me to run too far from you, bring me ONLY in a safe and confined dog park.  

I like food. I do graze. You are very welcome to touch me when I am eating, because I find it better being around humans than being around food 😉.

I have trained with a kennel. I hope the 13-hour flight will not be too scary. If I go to Canada, I want to make many friends because I have so much energy! I am so excited to meet and play with all different kind of human and dogs.

* Jinju is spayed. All vaccinations are updated.

* Jinju is currently in South Korea. She will fly to Toronto in February.

* The adoption fee for Jinju is $750.

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