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Current Location


2 Years


Jindo Mix

8 kg (17.6 lbs)

South Korea


Jinu was rescued from a city pound in Gapyeong, South Korea. They said he was found on the street. When he first came to the pound, he was wearing a chained wire.

Jinu is very friendly and LOVES people. He wags his tail and enjoys being patted from strangers.

Jinu is doing great with other dogs. He likes to be playful with other furry friends. When he met an unfriendly small dog, he tried to avoid the dog. 

When meeting a cat, Jinu did not show much interest. He seems to be okay with a family with a cat.

Jinu gets excited when walking. But he still follows the lead. He loves to be around people. The future adopter should be careful because Jinu is friendly enough to follow strangers.

Jinu has a high energy level. He loves to play with other dogs and run around. He is a curious boy. He tends to be very busy when walking. We are looking for a family who can teach him how to enjoy relaxing life!

**Jinu is neutered. All vaccinations are updated.

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