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Current Location


2 Years


Jindo Mix

11 kg (24 lbs)

South Korea


We found Lizzy from a city pound in Chungju, South Korea. She has a beautiful face and a gentle nature.

Lizzy is calm and shy in general. When a stranger tried to pet her, she seemed timid but she was wagging her tail. She took the treat from the stranger’s hand and allowed him to touch her eventually.

Lizzy didn’t show interest in another big dog. She let the dog sniff her and she also sniffed the dog as well. But she didn’t show any excitement. She likes dogs with medium energy. She seems uncomfortable when she is with dogs with a high energy level.

With a small dog, Lizzy was wagging her tail and wanted to get along. But when she realized the dog was not friendly, she backed off.

Lizzy is fine with cats. She does not seem to get bothered by them. She is not likely to chase them.

Lizzy has been leash-trained. When she first came to the centre, she would not move when on a leash. She has made big progress in her leash skills. Now she is very good with walking. She follows the lead very well. If a stranger approaches to touch her while walking, she will be frightened and pull away to avoid them. Her future family has to understand and try to hold the leash tightly with both hands when walking Lizzy. A timid dog like her can bolt when spooked. The future family should be especially careful during the transition period. However, once she starts to trust you, she is able to recall. She loves to be around humans that she loves.

Lizzy LOVES food. She LOVES the person who gives her food as well. It does not take a long time to get close to her if you have enough treats in your hand! You can touch her while she is eating. She does NOT guard her food or other resources.

**Lizzy is spayed. All vaccinations are updated.

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