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Current Location


2 Year


Jindo Mix

9.5 kg (21 lbs)

South Korea

Toronto (scheduled to fly in July)

Mae(Yeol-Mae) was in a city shelter in Masan, Changwon-si, South Korea with her mother and siblings. Mae definitely has a gentle nature. When she met a stranger, she let him touch her but she still seemed a bit timid. Mae likes to be pat and likes to be around people. Even when she was with children, she seemed nervous but still enjoyed being patted. Mae is very gentle and obedient. She gets nervous easily but has never shown any aggression.

Mae loves to play with smaller dog friends. But when other dogs are not friendly or too active, she tends to avoid them. With a playful big dog, Mae seemed nervous as well. She does not prefer having intense play with big furry friends.

When Mae met a cat on the street while walking, she did not chase it. She looked at it and seemed to be interested in it but that was it.

Mae has shown progress in leash training so far. When she first came to the centre, it was very hard to walk her outside due to her shyness. She walks well with her leash now. She has become better socialized as well. Until building a strong bond, it is recommended not to try outdoor off-leash activities. To a timid dog like Mae, being spooked and bolting out can happen easily. Once you gain her trust, she will stay around you and you can bring her to a dog park.

Mae has medium-low level of energy. She is working on gaining weight. Mae is very thin and is not greedy for food. If you touch her when she eats, she will drop the food and becomes docile. She does not bark often. She has been crate trained. When riding on a car she tends to get motion sickness.

Even though Mae is such a scaredy-pup, she NEVER shows any aggression. She would rather become passive and obedient. We are looking for a patient family who can give her lots of affection to help her gain her confidence.

**Mae is spayed. All vaccinations are updated.

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