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Current Location


2 Years


Terrier Mix

25 lbs (11kg)

Currently in Seoul


Maple (Danpoong in Korean) was a stray dog wandering the streets in South Korea and was rescued by our team.

Maple is a tender-hearted dog who loves people and is generally not shy towards strangers. He lets people touch, hug, and exposes his belly for belly rubs. And of course he enjoys receiving pets and attention.
He hasn’t shown any separation anxiety and yet heard him barking. Also, he had no car sickness and was good in the crate.

As with his furry friends, he was good with small dogs but when Maple saw large dogs he seemed to be a little nervous and tended to rely on people. When he saw an unfriendly dog or a dog growling at him, he was a bit timid but he backed off.

When Maple was introduced to the cat, he slowly approached and he barely tried to smell the cat. Since Maple is well mannered and gentle, he would not likely attack or chase a cat.

During the walk, he was calm and well leash trained. Also, he was fine with loud noises and cars. He neither pulls nor gets over-excited since he is still afraid of the whole new world and he strongly depends on people.

Maple can control his eating, he can stop when he is full and finish eating. But he loves treats, he wants to eat as much as he can.
He allows people to touch while he is eating and this gentle boy does not guard resources towards people.

Maple would love to play with you and with other dogs(especially small dogs). He loves to run. He would need a family who would grow his confidence and let him express his happiness.

* Maple is neutered. All vaccinations are updated.
* The adoption fee for Maple is $840. (There will be extra $60~70 at the airport when pick up.)
* He is currently in South Korea and is scheduled to fly to Toronto on November 29th.

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