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Current Location


2 Years


Jindo Mix

13 kg


Toronto, Calgary, Vancouver, Ottawa

Mari(Market), whose mother used to come to an office building to beg for food, was born on the street in South Korea. The people in the office decided to rescue the family when they realized there were new mouths to feed.

Mari is very calm and docile. When she is put into a new environment, she appears very timid at first. But she is very adaptable. She just needs time to figure things out. After the adjustment period, she becomes very bright.

When Mari meets new furry friends, she seems timid. When she found a dog unfriendly, she backed off. She prefers to hang out with her close friends. 

With a cat, Mari does not show any excitement or aggression. It seems like she had seen cats when she was stray. She seems to be fine with living with cats around.

Mari has leash-trained. She follows the lead very well. But when she encounters new things on the street, she tends to get scared.

Mari does not guard resources. You can touch her when she eats. She does not show any aggression.

Mari has been learning the world. We let her experience living in a condo with a person for her training. Even though she tends to get timid with new things in the beginning, surprisingly, she has been adapting really well. We are looking for a family who will patiently teach her the world and who can bring out the bright side in Mari.

**Mari is spayed. All vaccinations are updated.

**The adoption fee for Market is $750.

**She is currently being fostered in Ontario, Canada.

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