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2 Years


Jindo Mix

8 kg (17.64lb)


Mello was rescued from one of the worst private shelters, 'Byuk-Kang Shelter’ in South Korea. She was exposed to an environment like a dog farm—locked in a rusty cage floating off the ground which was supposed to filter their feces down. Nobody cleaned up the feces underneath their cages and there were rodents hanging around. Mello was picked up among many others. The rescuer could not leave her since the poor thing was staring at him without any movement. The rescue team did not have the capacity to help all of those dogs in that shelter, but are planning to rescue them one by one.

After being rescued, Mello got her health checked. She was diagnosed with stifle joint. But the vet said surgery isn't necessary because it was very much in the early stage. She is now getting better under rehabilitation. Controlling her weight and swimming were recommended for her.

At the very first Mello seems shy. But it does not take a long time for her to show her belly! Mello LOVES people. When being pet, she gets so excited and rolls over to show her belly. She is happy around small kids, too. If you call her name with a high-pitched voice, she will be thrilled!

Mello doesn’t show much interest in other dogs. She does approach and sniffs others. She doesn’t show any aggression towards other dogs. But she tends to rely on people rather than playing with new dogs.

Meeting cats, Mello gets excited. She sniffs and seems to want to play with the cat. But she needs to learn how to behave when she meets cats.

Mello likes to walk and play outside. She might bark if she sees other dogs passing out the window. Running freely in the off-leash park seems to be her favorite activity. She also likes to play with nose-work toys.

Mello moves so quick. If there is a gap underneath your fence, she is most likely to try to get through it. So extra care should be taken to make sure she is safe.

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