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Current Location


3 Years


Jindo Mix

15 kg (34 lbs)

South Korea


Nacho gave birth to 8 puppies on the street and was sent with them to the city pound in Chungju, South Korea. The city pound gave her only 10 days to be claimed. Otherwise, she would be put on the euthanasia list. Thankfully she was rescued and came to us!

Even though Nacho seems a bit timid at first, her nature is to be very soft and sweet. She needs time to open up to strange humans and strange dog friends. Her energy level is medium.

When Nacho meets a strange male adult, she seemed to be very nervous. When the man pets her, she tries to avoid his hand. But she does not show any aggression. We assumed that she might have been abused by a male figure.

When Nacho met a big dog, she seemed uncomfortable while the big dog was active and playful. Nacho prefers dogs who are small or similar sized with her. She has shared her room with a few other medium sized dogs. Once she gets used to her furry roommates, she has no issue with rolling and playing with them! Nacho is a 'good girl’ who was never involved any fights with other furry ones in the shelter.

When Nacho met a cranky little dog, she tried to avoid it. When she feels that a dog is not friendly, she tends to avoid and turn her back.

Nacho met a cat who lived in the shelter. Nacho tried not to get too close to the cat. She did not chase the cat at all. She might be able to live with cats.

When walking, Nacho does not pull on the leash with excitement. She was okay with the leash itself as well. But she was nervous with the noise of traffic. Although Nacho is very docile, she tends to stand firm when she feels scared. But you can still have her follow your lead.

Nacho will not come when you call in the beginning. It takes time to gain her trust. Please make sure to have her off-leash ONLY in a fully fenced backyard or dog park.

NACHO LOVES FOOD! But she lets you touch her face while eating. She does not show any resource guarding. Her favorite toys are wooden sticks.

Nacho is not used to car riding. She could have motion sickness in the car. If you are planning to drive far with her, make sure she has an empty stomach beforehand.

* We found Anaplasma on Nacho’s 4DX test. She was treated with doxycycline for a month. And now she has recovered.

* Nacho is spayed. All vaccinations are updated.

* Nacho is currently in South Korea. She will fly to Toronto in March/April.

* The adoption fee for Nacho is $750.

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