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3 Years


Jindo x Husky Mix



Perla is looking for her furever home!

Perla’s Rescue Story:

Perla was chained-up and raised at a gas-station in Gwangmyeong-si, Korea with one other dog. They were tied on a very short length of chain with little room for movement, and even no shade in the Korean sizzling summer heat. The rescuer tried to feed them with food and cool water. But one day they disappeared. She found out they were sold to a dog meat farm. She didn't give up and finally rescued them from this awful situation.

Perla used to be very wary of humans. She was admitted to Welcome Paws Academy, a dog training boarding school, for further training. After being trained for over a year there, now she is ready to be adopted and has come to Canada to find her future home.

Perla’s Personality:

This beautiful girl is a stubborn-independent Jindo-husky. Perla is very energetic. She loves to play. She tends to play hard with other dogs.

She is very affectionate. She loves to snuggle and lick you to show her love.

Previous Training:

Perla can be protective towards food. The trainer had been focusing on this issue for a while. She has been hand-fed for the past while in her foster home, since if she is allowed to graze she will protect her bowl. Hand-feeding is a form of training that makes Perla earn her food and is a way to control and help train and form a bond with her.

Perla is housebroken and leash trained. She walks very well and also responds well to new commands being taught.

Foster Experience:

Perla does really well in an environment where she has rules and boundaries. It can take time for her to become comfortable and form a bond, but you can see her affection after just a few days. We would recommend forming a bond very slowly, as Perla can react if she isn’t fully comfortable. It could take weeks before she is comfortable with her new surroundings.

She can also be possessive of high value items like treats and toys. We wouldn’t recommend giving Perla any toys to play with for at least a few months, and if you give her treats make sure she has her own safe space that she can eat it in. You might want to wait a few weeks before giving her treats. Professional training is a good idea if you want her to play nicely with toys.

If Perla is not controlled she may bite defensively to protect her toys, treats and her own space. When she has rules and her owner can give her a stern “no” she acts very well and has had no issues.

We are looking for:

  • an experienced adopter who is willing to bring her to a professional trainer to fix her guarding habits.

  • A beginner dog owner can also do well if they are willing to train her.

  • who does not have small kids.

  • With dogs: It depends. If you have your current dog(s), separation of living area is a MUST at the beginning. And the separation could take months until they become comfortable with each other.

  • With cats: Perla has met cats as a test, and did not seem to be interested in them. She smelled the cat but did not go further. Perla might have chased it if the cat moved fast. It is not a good idea to leave Perla and a cat alone. We wouldn’t recommend a family with a cat.

Perla is spayed. All vaccinations are also updated.

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