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Current Location


3 Years


Jindo x Pomeranian Mix

24 lbs



Pretzel was rescued from imminent euthanasia in Cheongju city pound, South Korea.

We suspect Pretzel was raised in a loving family before being abandoned. He is very affectionate towards people and seems to know he is going out for a walk when he sees a leash is being put on him. At first we presumed Pretzel got lost by his owner; however, when his posting got expired and he was put on euthanasia waitings, we realized he was abandoned.

With strangers, Pretzel is very welcoming and friendly. He has no hesitation to take treats and pettings from any strangers, including adults or children. With wagging tails, Pretzel will assertively ask for affections from people.

With other dogs, Pretzel shows good interest with wagging tails. He also does not go overboard with his sniffings and introductions. He stays calm even when a big dog is sniffing him. When Pretzel was rejected and startled by a cranky dog, he backed down with barkings. The barkings were short and at the level of communications and not any aggression. Afterwards, Pretzel tried to keep his distance and avoid eye contacts.

With cats, Pretzel seemed to show high interest at first; however, his interest was soon revealed it was towards the cat food, and not the cat itself. When the cat food was removed from the scene, and the cat was moving next to him, Pretzel showed very little interest towards the cat.

Pretzel has relatively high levels of energies. He loves to spend time with people, especially walking on a leash with them. 

Pretzel is very experienced with leashes, so he is very stable during walks, next to busy traffic roads. He may be lightly startled when a vehicle suddenly passes near him, but it is only a very light flinch which he recovers very fast.

He has a lot of furs, which is very prone to tangling. Frequent care and grooming of his fur is recommended. (When he came to us, his coat was so severely tangled. Matted areas were cut.)

**Pretzel is neutered. All vaccinations are updated.

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