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3 Years



11 lb


Riu is a very small dachshund. The size of his body, the condition of his genitals and the frequent marking habits suggested that he must have been used for breeding in a puppy mill. After strayed, he was on the list for euthanasia at a shelter in Chungju, South Korea. Welcome Dog Korea rescued him and had him neutered. 

Riu is a very bright and delightful boy. He loves to be petted and cuddled by anyone. He is very friendly with small kids! 

Riu always has a wagging tail. He likes to play with other dogs. He even plays with bigger dogs. When a dog does not want to say hello, Riu tries not to bother them. Although he does not show any aggression, his energy level is above the average. He needs to be watched when gets too excited around dogs.

Riu is okay with cats as well. But he does not show much interest in cats.

Riu walks well outside. He tends to mark frequently. Even though he likes to go potty outside, he might make mistakes at home for the first few weeks. You can let him out to pee often. He is very smart. If you teach him, he will learn fast.

Riu loves food! He really wants to keep his food away from other dogs. It was assumed that he might have been fed with controlled portions to keep his size small. But he lets you take food away from his mouth without any aggression.

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