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Current Location


8 Months


Chihuahua Mix

3.3 kg (7 lbs)

South Korea

Toronto (scheduled to fly in July)

Tom was born at the Welcome Think Dog Centre on Nov 1st, 2020. His mom, Momo, was rescued and had puppies in the centre. His father, Hooni, who was also rescued, has been adopted in Vancouver. Momo is getting ready to be adopted as well.

This tiny prankster loves to play with people and other dogs. At first he may seem timid. But once he gets out of his shell, he will become a little monkey! He let a stranger pet and give him belly rubs. He is very gentle with kids as well.

There are so many things Tom should learn in the world. When Tom plays with other dogs, he does not care if his friend is bigger or not. His future family has to be cautious when he tries to play with unfriendly ones. When meeting a cat as a test, he wagged his tail and tried to play with the cat. It seems like he did not understand what a cat was since it was his first time with a cat.

Tom needs to learn leash skills. He was afraid by the tension of the leash (you can see it in the video.) He only experienced walking in a safe and fully fenced park. In a dog park, it is easy to call him back to you. But he is too fast and small to catch easily. And he loves to play tag. For these reasons, it is recommended that the future adopter never lets him go off-leash outside when it is not safe.

Tom loves food. But he learned to sit and wait for it. He does not guard his food. He tends to stay behind when other dogs are busying eating in the centre. When he wants to go out or is hungry, he can bark. And he is still working on potty train.

We are looking for somebody who can help him to learn how the world works. This lovely little monster will follow you everywhere if you earn his trust!

**Tom is neutered. All vaccinations are updated.

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