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Current Location


2 Years


Terrier Mix

6 kg (13.2 lb)


We found this creamy cutie pie from a shelter in Chungju, South Korea. You can check the day when we brought him to Welcome Think Dog boarding centre from this video(0:40):

Parmesan is such a sweetheart who LOVES people! He lets strangers touch his body with no issue. He will try to make eye contact craving attention and affection from you!

Parmesan is good around small children as well. When we let him meet a kid as a test, he was very friendly wagging his tail and allowing to be touched.

With other furry friends, Parmesan seems very curious but also a little wary. He does not want to hang out with bigger dogs. Although he is not the one to start picking a fight, you have to pay careful attention to him when he meets other dogs. He prefers to have a few close friends rather than playing with a lot of furries. When he met a cat as a test, he seemed very curious. He might want to play with a cat. He is not likely to chase and attack cats.

Parmesan is a big fan of food. However, when taken the food away from the mouth, he did not show any aggression. He allows you to touch him when eating.

Since Parmesan loves to be around people, he might easily become dependent on humans. Separation anxiety could become an issue. We are looking for somebody who can give him discipline to prevent it.

Parmesan was diagnosed with a stifled joint. But the surgery isn't necessary because it is very much in the early stage. Controlling his weight and strength exercises are recommended.

Parmesan is neutered. All vaccinations are also updated.

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