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Our Mission


Chenny's Happy Tails is an international non-profit dog adoption

an organization dedicated to helping rescue/shelter dogs in South Korea 

to find a new home in Canada/US. 

1. We are against the slaughter and consumption of dogs in Korea.

In Korea, there are many dogs that are kept in overcrowded cages in dog-meat facilities. They are sent to the market after being tortured to death. Although the consumption of dog meat is increasingly controversial and the vast majority of younger generations do not believe in dog meat, there are still many dogs that need to be rescued from farms and streets on which they have been abandoned/mistreated by humans.


2. We are committed to finding forever homes for dogs in Canada and US.

Chenny' Happy Tails rescues and rehabilitates dogs to make them ready to be adopted.
Since shelter space is limited, adoption is the only way to give many other dogs a chance to be rescued and to be rehabilitated with us. We hope that all Korean dogs will be treated as our companions within safe and loving places.

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