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1. Submit Application

2. Phone Interview
After reviewing your application, we will decide whether to proceed with the adoption process or not. If we choose to proceed with your application, we will contact you to set up a time for a phone interview within 3-4 days from the day of your submission.

3. Home Check

We would ask the applicants to send us the home photos/ videos.

4. Approval
Once the adoption is granted, adoption deposit fee should be transferred within 48 hours.

5. Adoption Day
We strongly recommend you to welcome your adopted dog at the airport on their arrival day.

The dog is handed over to the adopter at the airport along with medical document and microchip information.

6. Share Your Story!

It is important for us to keep in touch with how our dogs are doing in their new homes.
Please share your post adoption stories on our Facebook group:


** Depending on the breed, the adoption fee may vary.

** Inspection fee and porter service fee are extra.(depends on the city/country that you are adopting from)

** Our rescue takes lost dog prevention very seriously! we would ask all the adopters to pay for

Safety pack(crate, collar, leash, GPS tracker)

Jindo Mix (0~1 year old)
$650 USD
$840 CAD
Jindo Mix (Over 1 year old)
$600 USD
$750 CAD
Other Breed
Depending on the breed
Depending on the breed
Small Dog (Less than 10KG, 0~1 year old)
$750 USD
$940 CAD
Small Dog (Less than 10KG, Over 1 year old)
$650 USD
$840 CAD


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