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Current Location


4 years


Shiba Inu Mix

13 kg (29 lbs)

South Korea

Toronto, Vancouver, Ottawa

Hi, my name is Taco. Taco is my new name that these good people gave me when I was rescued. I was found on the street and was sent to a city shelter in Chungju, South Korea. I was with a name tag saying ‘So-won’ which means ‘Hope’ in Korean. But hopelessly my previous family never came to find me.

I am about a 4-year-old Shiba Inu mix; my vet guessed at how old I am. I am definitely a people dog! I am okay being around with other dogs. But I LOVE hoomans! I love being patted and I do not mind being lifted even by a stranger.

Check me on the video how I was nice and comfortable in a stranger’s arms (So proud!):

They said it seemed like I have experience with a leash. Walking with a leash is a piece of cake for me! I have not met a cat since I was in the shelter. Cats are unknown waters for me.

I can DANCE with two feet if you show me treats:

I love treats but I don’t guard my food. That is because I know if I am nice and gentle, the food will be given to me easily.

I love playing outdoors. But most of the time I like to spend my time resting when I am indoors. I don’t bark much (what a waste of energy!). I have a medium energy level.

I heard if I fly for some long hours, I can meet my forever home and family in Canada! I am not sure how a long flight will affect me. It sounds very nervous but I am willing to try!

* Taco is spayed. All vaccinations are updated.
** The adoption fee for Taco is $750 which includes the airfare to Toronto. (There is $60 extra costs when pick up at the airport)

Video Link:

More Pictures:

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