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Current Location


6 months


Jindo Mix

8kg (17.64lb)

South Korea

This puppy, Tangerine (Gyul in Korean), was given his name because Jeju, the island where he was found, is famous for its tangerines!

Tangerine was found on the street in a rural village on Jeju island with his mom, Siru, in November 2020. The puppy was following his mom everywhere. The two stray dogs were wandering around begging for food. Some of the neighbors fed them while others shooed them away. After being rescued both have gone through training at the Welcome Think Dog boarding centre.

Tangerine is a little shy when he meets strangers. But you can easily get along with him by giving him delicious treats! This puppy does not mind being cuddled once he feels close to you. He is a bit timid, but he does not show any aggression towards people.

Tangerine is very energetic when playing with other dogs. Even with larger furry friends, he is very brave and playful. Sometimes he gets timid when meeting an unfriendly dog. But his playful nature is always open to be friends with other dogs!

When meeting a cat as a test, Tangerine recoiled away. It is assumed that he has never faced a cat before so that he got scared. He did not show any aggression towards the cat. And it is not likely he will chase cats.

The energy level of Tangerine is about average or a little bit below average for his age. Besides play time, he is normally calm and stable. When food is taken away from his mouth, he will wait and focus on you with his tail wagging. He is not greedy for food.

Even though he's a puppy, Tangerine is very gentle and mature for his age. Sometimes he does bark when he hears outside noise or when he wants to go out with you. But normally he is very quiet and he does not bother people looking for someone to play with.

**Tangerine is neutered. All vaccinations are also updated.

**The adoption fee for Tangerine is $840 CAD.

**Tangerine is currently in South Korea. The adopter will cover the additional cost of his transportation.

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